Brooklyn Bridge Proposal Photos | Brooklyn, NY Photographer | Steve and Rita

Wow!  The day has came and went.  Full of excitement, anxiety and joy, I proposed to Rita.  It started about 3 months ago with an all out research study of the four C's.  I felt like I was buying a new vehicle--it was intense to say the least.  After several made up stories of where I was so late, I was able to pick out "the one".  You really do know when you see it.  It's kind of funny too...when you research online for rings you would be amazed at how many ads pop up in your Facebook feed or how many times Ronnie Mervis voices over your spotify.  So fellas, beware!  Next on the list was picking a location.  This was fairly easy.  I wanted somewhere aesthetically pleasing and sentimental.  Obsessed with the Brooklyn Bridge structure and Brooklyn itself, this was one of the first places that popped into my head.  The sentimental part was already there.  This is the place where all of Rita's family grew up.  Now we're bitchin.  

The day finally comes.  March 21st.  If anyone knows Rita, they know that she has to include everyone in everything.  Considering I just passed over her 30th birthday, March 18th, like it wasn't a thing, she was frantically calling friends to arrange a get together on Saturday (the proposal day).  I felt really bad because they all told her, "I'm sorry, I'm busy", knowing Saturday was the big day.  We drive to Brooklyn and Rita is half depressed that her friends and family have ditched her.  I am recording the adventure into the city because I know that it's going to be a memorable one.  Rita instructs me to open the sunroof to get the best footage.  All of a sudden we come to a complete stop.  Mind you, it snowed the night before.  As we come to this complete stop all of a sudden the snow/slush comes crashing through the truck's sunroof like an avalance (Im laughing while typing this).  Rita gets every inch of snow on top of her and the poor girl is drenched.  Her exact words were "I'm going to cry" and tears followed.  I mean our dunkin donuts is literally ice coffee.  Luckily tears turned into simply laughing hysterically at the situation.  

We finally make it to Brooklyn and we park in DUMBO (down under the manhattan bridge overpass).  I haven't exactly scouted the location yet so at this point I'm kind of winging it.  We park, get out and I see water.  We trek passed the cityscape and the view shown below opens up.  It is an absolute stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge.  I'd liked to say I was relieved at this point but I wasn't.  I was hoping to propose privately and to my luck there are people recording a music video, there is a photo shoot going on and about 20 onlookers at the site in addition to tourists.  I should've known, we're in New York!  So I got myself together and said to myself "it's about to go down".  I set up the go pro and told Rita we were going to take a selfie.  The video below shows what happens next...

A big thanks to all of our family who met us later that evening at Egan's & Sons to celebrate.  

Now funny

Getting approval from the Rita's other man, furry man that is.