Our Backup System to Safely Secure your Wedding Photos


In order to prevent any photo loss due to technical error we take the following precautions at every wedding we shoot; 

  • Dual memory card slots: every camera we shoot with has dual memory card slots. While the first memory card stores every image captured, the second memory card is simultaneously backing up those images as well. What does this mean? If either card were to fail, the other card will have the same exact images as back up.

  • Memory Card Rotation: we break a wedding down into 4 events; getting ready, ceremony, portraits, and reception. With each event we use a separate set of memory cards. This way if a card corrupted there would be limited photos on each card. 

  • Storage: all memory cards are stored in a water proof case system.

  • Lock Box in Vehicle: on the way home from the wedding we lock the memory cards in the glove box. Call us crazy, but we take your memories serious.

bakerture backup system


Once we return to the studio, the following precautions are taken for your wedding images; 

  • Fire Proof Safe: if the memory cards are not being offloaded the same day as your wedding, we store the memory cards in our fire proof safe until they are ready for import.

  • iMac + Lexar Hub Station + Lightroom: we import the first set of memory cards securely using our Lexar hub station via our iMac.  The second set of memory cards remains safe in the memory card case in the fire proof safe.

  • RAID Backup: your photos are saved to our Western Digital RAID hard drive. RAID? Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Nerdy? Yes, but important. As we import your photos from the first set of memory cards they are being transferred to not one, but two hard drive disks simultaneously.

  • Cloud Backup: After your images are imported to the RAID hard drive, we then copy the entire set of images to the cloud where they are stored for one year (your online gallery).

  • Format Memory Cards: Only when your photos are edited and delivered to you do we format the memory cards.

bakerture backup system