Wedding Tips

Some Important Things to Consider for your Big Day


Timelines & Shot-lists

Timelines & shot-lists can be a brides best friend.  While it may seem overwhelming at first, timelines can really save the day.  While we like to allow things to happen naturally, it is nice to have approximate times that we adhere to.  This way we allow enough time for all the really important photos that you want to take.  While our questionnaire that we send out 30 days prior to the wedding is fairly extensive, it will derive every last detail we need to construct your  timeline.  So please be sure to take some time when filling that out.  As well, if you do not have a wedding planner, or even if you do, it is always advised to give the timeline to a bridesmaid or family member to keep everyone on time.

First things first, we typically start with getting ready shots which can take 1-2 hours.  This includes the girls getting ready i.e. hair & makeup, the bride stepping into the dress, dad's first look, etc. In addition, we like to take care of the details first so that we can focus on the "in the moment" shots while you get ready.  With that being said we ask that you have any details that you want shot available with the bride for example, the rings, jewelry, dress, veil, invitations, etc.  A couple of things to note is while you and your bridesmaids are getting ready, you may want to wear something that you would like to be photographed in, for example a cute robe.  The bridesmaids should be in their gowns when they are set to dress you.

The guys... while the guys getting ready consists of beer, music and how to tie a tie tutorials, it typically goes a lot quicker.  During down time please do not feel timid at all.  Be yourself!  We are pretty chill and won't interrupt too much.  We do like to grab some details shots before you put on your suit and we may ask your best man or Dad to tie your tie.  That's it!

The first look.  Have you given this some thought?  A lot of couples are into the traditional first look at the ceremony, however, if you are into a more intimate first look prior to the ceremony this may be the way to go.  Both have their pros and cons and I like each way equally.  It's a matter of personal preference.


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