Zion Springs Wedding Photos | Hamilton, VA Photographer | Marissa & Andrew

Zion Springs

A venue made complete with its own on-site bed and breakfast, Zion Springs is a charming spot for a rustic chic wedding. The beautiful barn, lush fields and slate patio give you a wide array of settings to work with, each different, but each complimentary in its own way. Regardless of the season, this picture-perfect location continues to delight couples of all styles and tastes. 

Zion Springs Wedding

This wedding was perfectly suited to its setting! The couple's style was incorporated right in, and made the entire experience seamless. With the cultures of both families woven throughout, the day was filled with breathtaking moments, sunset shots and starlit smiles, as everyone had a fantastic time celebrating the love of Andrew and Marissa. The sweet added touch to make this wedding stand out? The happy couple ran up to the barn immediately following the ceremony to ring the huge bell inside, a joyful sound during their first few moments of husband and wife. 

The Bride and Groom

Andrew and Marissa let their youth, fun-loving spirits and laughter fill their wedding. With Andrew acting the perfect gentleman and Marissa his lovely lady, the two definitely fit right into their fairytale day. See more shots of this adorable couple from their engagement session, set at the beautiful Stone Tower Winery.

Wedding Photos

Wedding dress hanging in window
Wedding shoes on sewing machine
Bride hugging mother
Bride's jewelry and pearls
Bride getting ready with bridesmaids
Bride and bridesmaids taking shots
Groomsmen and ring bearer getting ready
Groom's shoes
Wedding rings in wooden box
Groomsmen helping groom with tie
Groom buttoning shirt
Ring bearer getting dressed
Bride getting makeup done
Bride curling hair
Bridesmaids dresses hanging in window
Ring box for ring bearer
Father seeing bride for first time
Bride hugging father
Bride and father
Groom walking with bride's father
Wedding sign on barrel
Bride walking to first look
Bride meeting groom on dock
Groom seeing bride for first time
Bride and groom during first look
Bride and groom hugging
Bride and groom on dock
Wedding ceremony venue
Wedding programs
Groom hugging mother
Groom standing at end of aisle
Bride walking down aisle
Father walking bride down aisle
Father giving daughter away
Bride and groom during ceremony
Groom looking at bride during ceremony
Bride and groom kissing
Bride and groom leaving ceremony
Bride and groom ringing bell
Bride and groom looking down at crowd
Bride and groom walking down stairs
Bride and groom kissing in crowd
Bride and groom with wedding party
Wedding party on dock
Bride and bridesmaids
Groom and groomsmen
Groom's arms around bride's waist
Bride and groom embracing in sunlight
Bride and groom laughing
Bride and groom walking toward barn
Reception table
Dessert stand at wedding reception
Rustic chic wedding cake
Bride and groom entering reception
Bride and groom first dance
Bride and groom first dance
Father and daughter dance
Father and bride dance
Mother and son dance
Mother and groom dance
Bride and groom in front of table
Bride and groom sitting at table
Bride and groom walking away from barn
Bride and groom walking into sunset
Bride and groom walking on hill
Bride and groom kissing on hill
Bride and groom at night
Bridesmaid giving toast
Groomsmen giving toast
Bride and groom listening to toast
Bride and groom cutting cake
Bride and groom sharing cake
Bride throwing bouquet
Catching the wedding bouquet
Groom taking off garter
Grandparents dancing
Grandparents dancing
Parents dancing at wedding
Bride and groom dancing at reception
Bride and groom on a hill at night

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