Wilkes Street Tunnel Engagement Photos | Alexandria, VA Photographer | Beth & John

The Wilkes Street Tunnel

Alexandria's Wilkes Street Tunnel is an important part of the city's past, but it will be forever remembered in this couple's minds as one of the stepping stones to their future. The fantastic spot they chose for their engagement shoot, the tunnel provided a little bit of vintage romance that, combined with their personal styles, resulted in great photos with a dose of casual, urban class.

The Couple

Beth and John look right at home in the beautiful Wilkes Street setting. Beth, a beautician, and John, an engineer, are busy planning their October wedding at Potomac Point Winery, and the two bring a lovely laid-back vibe to the scene. 

Engagement Photos

Couple seen from behind sitting on a bench
Couple's shoes close together
Couple kissing on brick sidewalk
Couple sitting on bench far away
Man and woman sitting on wall
Man and woman walking through tunnel
Man and woman smiling in tunnel
Man whispering to woman
Smiling man and surprised woman
Couple holding wedding sign