Why You Don't Need To Give Your Photog A Shot List

Why You Don't Need To Give Your Photog A Shot List

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For those who do not know, a wedding shot list is basically a manual for your photographer to follow to get a list of shots that you want for your wedding day gallery. Sounds pretty good right? WRONG. In reality, wedding shot lists are pretty unnecessary. If you’re photographer is as good as they say, they don’t need a shot list. They’ll know what shots you want and what looks good, so you don’t need to worry about it! Still not convinced? Read more below!


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One reason why your photographer shouldn’t need a shot list is because their experience is their shot list. Experienced wedding photographers will know what works and what doesn’t work. Photographer’s will have a work flow of what works for them, and ultimately what works for you too.

Natural, Not Posed

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Shot lists can create stiff looking pictures. If you hand your photographer a shot list that you found on Pinterest with “cute wedding day poses”, your photos won’t look as natural as you think they might. The best wedding day photos happen naturally and organically. Your photographer will be able to capture those candid moments that you won’t be able to plan on a shot list.

Your Wedding is About You

couple laughing on their wedding day

Let’s not forget, your wedding day is about you and your fiancé! Finding a shot list from somebody else’s wedding won’t look as good because it’s about them, not you. If you find a shot list from Pinterest or somewhere else online, it might look like a good idea, but those poses weren’t meant for you. Your photographer will know poses that work for YOU.