Top of the Town Wedding Photos | Arlington, Va. Photographer | Emily & Joseph

Top of the Town

Top of the Town is a beautiful, award-winning wedding venue for couples looking to host their wedding in Arlington. It's all about the views here, with floor-to-ceiling windows providing a panoramic picture that includes the Potomac, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, Jefferson Memorial, practically the whole of Washington, D.C.! The venue's interior space likewise stands up to high expectations, offering an elegant setting for modern, classic weddings. 

Top of the Town Wedding

This evening wedding was a lovely affair filled with friends, family and plenty of laughs. It started out with a meaningful, intimate time between bridal parties and families, with a father-daughter first look before heading over to the venue. The ceremony offered heartwarming moments and big smiles all around, as Emily and Joseph pledged their undying love and unfailing dedication. After bridal portraits, the reception kicked off in high style, taking full advantage of the venue's nighttime views and the guests' eagerness to get out on the dance floor! 

Emily and Joseph

Following Emily and Joseph's engagement session at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, we knew not to expect anything but the very best from these two when it came to a sophisticated, beautiful wedding. They certainly brought their A-game when planning their big day and it paid off, with hordes of happy guests and innumerable unforgettable moments for the both of them.

Awesome Vendors

Venue: Top of the Town

Photography: Bakerture Photo + Video

Dress: The Bridal Room VA

Catering: Catering by Uptown  

Hair + Makeup: GLAM QUI

Reverend: Kimberly Graham

Music: DJ Marvalous

Florist: Delphina "Liz" Marcel

Piping and Draping: Pretty Simplified Design + Co. 

Photo Booth: Mr. Shuttersworth

Directional Valet: UniPark 

Wedding Photos

Wedding dress seen across a room
Close up of wedding dress on hanger
Bridal shoes on sheets
Groom's black dress shoes
Groom's bow tie on black shoes
Wedding rings on invitation
Wedding rings inside of pink rose
Bride getting makeup done for wedding
Bride getting ready for wedding day
Bride looking in mirror
Bride smiling before wedding
Groom getting ready at hotel
Groom getting dressed for wedding
Groom putting on shoes
Groom's shoes from above
Groom sharing a drink
Groom and father of the bride before wedding
Groom laughing with bridal party before wedding
Groomsmen helping groom with bow tie
Groom receiving wedding gift
Groom opening present from bride
Groom modeling sunglasses
Groom modeling sunglasses before wedding
Wedding rings on veil
Bride opening gift from groom
Bride opening wedding gift from groom
Bride surrounded by bridesmaids in robes
Bride looking at wedding dress
Back of wedding dress
Mother buttoning wedding dress
Bride getting dressed for wedding
Bride being buttoned into dress
Bride putting veil on
Bridesmaids straightening bride's dress
Bride adjusting veil in mirror
Bride and father first look
Bride and father hugging
Bride and father in black and white
Groom drinking with groomsmen
Groomsmen making a toast
Groom taking selfie before wedding
Groomsmen in front of hotel
Groom and groomsmen posing
view from wedding venue
Wedding guestbook
Guests arriving to wedding
Officiant at wedding
Groom standing at front of aisle
Bride entering wedding
Groom looking at bride during ceremony
Bride and groom holding hands during ceremony
Groom reciting vows during ceremony
Bride reciting vows during ceremony
Bride and groom lighting unity candle
Bride and groom kissing during ceremony
Bride and groom kissing during wedding
Bride and groom facing guests
Bride and groom leaving ceremony
View from wedding venue
Bride and bridesmaids portrait
Groom and groomsmen portrait
Bride and bridesmaids with bouquets
Bride standing in field with bouquet
Bride posing for camera
Groom looking over shoulder
Bride seen from behind
Bride seen from behind
Bride and groom standing together
Bride and groom kissing in field
Bride and groom posing in field
Groom hugging bride from behind
Bride looking at groom over shoulder
Bride under veil
Bride and groom kissing under veil
Groom dipping bride in kiss
Bride and groom walking through field
Wedding venue at night
Bride and groom entering reception
Bride and groom first dance
Bride and groom first dance
Bride and groom first dance
Venue view of Capitol Hill at night
Bride and groom during reception
Bride and father dance
Father of the bride and bride dance
Groom and mother dance
Groom and mother dancing
Bride and groom cutting cake
Groom feeding bride cake
Groom and bride eating cake
Groom and bride dancing
Bride and groom dancing at reception
Bride and groom on dance floor
Washington DC at night