Tips for Bringing your Pooch to a Photo Session

So you want to bring your pooch to your engagement session...

Great!  We love dogs and would love to have your furry friend join us for your engagement session.  Here are a few guidelines to ensure your engagement session goes smoothly.


The Doggie Bag: What to Pack for a Successful Engagement Photo Shoot with Your pooch

  • Treats, treats and more treats

  • Favorite Toy - Preferably a squeaky one

  • Water + Bowl

  • Leash + Collar

  • Poop bags

  • A friend (to hold your pooch while he/she isn't in the photo)


5 Doggie Tips: What to Expect When Bringing Your Dog to Your Engagement Session and How-To Prepare

1. Walk or Run Your Dog Before the Shoot

If you have a high energy dog we highly recommend walking or running them before the shoot to relieve some of their energy.  In our experience, dogs tend to listen and behave much better after a nice long walk or run.  Don't worry they will still smile!

2. Have the "sit" command mastered!  

It's important that your pooch can sit for his/her portrait.  If you haven't trained your furry friend how to sit yet...consider it!  Check out none other than the dog whisperer himself, Cesar Millan's, 5 essential commands you can teach your dog here.

3. Treats or Favorite Toy!

There's nothing better than a nice "beggin strip" reward for a well behaved dog.  As well, sometimes treats are a good way for the camera to get the attention of your pooch.

4. Bring a Friend

Expect to have your dog participate for about 1/4 of the shoot.  When your pooch is not involved with a shot it is necessary to have someone hold the leash while the couple is photographed.

5. Patience 

Remember... your dog is a dog.  Smile for the camera means nothing to them.  Please be patient as your photographer works his/her magic with your dog.  

tips for bringing your dog to an engagement session couple photo
tips for bringing your dog to an engagement session couple photo

If interested in an Engagement Session with your Dog Contact Us.