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Wedding Heirloom

When I first started up Bakerture I wanted to implement an album keepsake for my clients.  At first, I wanted to keep costs low and so I tried several entry level album companies.  They just weren't cutting it. The pages were thin and flimsy similar to that of a magazine.  I wanted something much more worthy of being passed down generation to generation.  I began to do some research and found several companies that offered an album worthy of withstanding years of joy, laughter and memories.  

Slate Leather Wedding Heirloom Photo

Red Tree Craftsmanship

The company we decided to go with is Red Tree Albums.  Considering that every album is binded and covered by hand tells you that they are passionate and stand behind the product they offer.  See some more incredible wedding album features below.

Brown Leather Wedding Heirloom Photo

100% Best Quality

Each photo is printed on fuji archive crystal photo paper which in the photo industry is the best of the best.  It is highly resistant to fade and delivers enhanced color reproduction.  

Slate Leather Wedding Heirloom Fuji Archive Crystal Paper Photo

Album Design

Lay flat design for easy viewing.

Slate Leather Wedding Heirloom Lay Flat Flush Album Photo

Album Spreads

Available in 10-40 spreads (20-80 sides).  The album comes with 10 spreads but there is plenty of room to add additional spreads.  I will say when you start to increase the number of spreads, the album gets heavy!  Like 10-15 lbs heavy.  

Wedding Heirloom Photos

Blind Debossing

Your names and wedding date imprinted on the cover for a personal touch to every album.

Brown Leather Wedding Heirloom Photo Debossing

Album Sizing

Available in an 8x8, 10x10, 12x12.  Some things to consider with size is photo layout and viewing pleasure.  Naturally, the larger canvas can show more of your wedding images or space for larger images.  My favorite is full spread of the best image from the wedding.  It is stunning!

Brown Leather Wedding Heirloom

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