How to Get Your Groom Involved With Your Wedding

How To Get Your Groom Involved With Your Wedding

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Wedding Planning isn’t always number one on the groom’s list of fun things to do. It can be hard to involve your fiancé in wedding planning in details, especially if they’re a little disinterested. Below we’ve created some ways to involve your soon to be husband in your wedding planning to make it more enjoyable and meaningful for the both of you on your wedding day.


One way to get your groom involved is to collaborate. Your wedding is just as much his wedding as it is yours. Listen to his ideas and make compromises. Have him look up some ideas on Pinterest or other Wedding Boards and have him share his ideas with you.

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Be Open to His Suggestions

When planning your wedding it’s important to make your fiancé feel involved. Don’t just let him approve your decisions. Ask him what he thinks and if he has any suggestions of his own. Give and take during these conversations and find out what works best for both of you.

Budget Planning

This is definitely a task that both the bride and groom should be involved in. It’s not always fun but it is very important to discuss this so you’re both on the same page when picking vendors, venues, and other important details. Discuss and set a budget and let the planning continue on.

Guest List Planning

Since you’ve now planned your budget, you can now plan your guest list! This involves both of you since both sides of each family will be attending as well as both sides of friends! It’s a lot of people to sort through, but don’t worry, you have each other to lean on.

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Register For Gifts, Together!

Since BOTH of you are getting married you BOTH should register for gifts that you BOTH want and need. Since you’ll be selecting items that will be in your household, the groom should also have some say it what should be selected. Even if your fiancé insists that he is uninterested, still ask for his input!

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Get involved with Ceremony Details

There is LOTS to plan for a ceremony. Give him the responsibility of finding an officiant, if there are certain readings he wants during the ceremony. There’s also transportation to think about too such as limousines, buses, or any other mode of transport.

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Get involved with Reception Details

Just like the ceremony, the reception has a lot of details too that he can be responsible for. If he’s really in to music, have him select a DJ or Band for the reception. If he’s a foodie, have him pick out the menu from the caterers. You both should also agree on the song to be played for the first dance.

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Be Crafty

If your soon to be husband is good with his hands, ask him to try to build something for the wedding. It can be a wedding sign for the ceremony, or something that says, “Just Married”. If he isn’t one for making a sign, have him pick one out from a vendor that can make one for you.

Be in Charge of Rehearsal Dinner Details

The Rehearsal Dinner is an important part of your wedding process. Have your fiancé take charge with some of the details for it, so you can relax a little. Have him plan the guest list for the rehearsal dinner or pick the menu for the dinner. There’s also coordinating with the caterer’s so make sure he’s stays on top of that too!

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Get involved with Honeymoon Planning

You both should enjoy your honeymoon so plan with each other so you both get what you want. Maybe let him pick where the honeymoon should be and let him surprise you! Or at least listen to where he wants to go too. There is also a lot of planning of excursions or activities you want to do on your honeymoon so listen to his input, and enjoy!