The Guide to Planning an Amazing Engagement Session

An engagement session is a time in which we get to work together, get to know one another and have some fun!  We are very laid back and down to earth documentary artists who enjoy getting to know our clients on a personal level.  We really enjoy helping our clients feel comfortable in front of the camera so don't be worried or nervous.  We will direct, guide and walk you through the entire process.  

If you have an idea or something you think would be epic during your session we are up for anything!  Don't forget to come with an open mind and sense of adventure so we can make some awesome photos.  Here are some tips that we put together to make the session go as smooth as possible.

guide to planning your engagement session

What locations do you recommend?

We recommend picking one location for the shoot. If another location is in reasonable walking distance that works! The reason we do one location is because we like to get into a rhythm during the session and we don’t want that to get disrupted with driving & parking.

Small Towns with a lot of character...

  • Leesburg

  • Lucketts

  • Old Town Alexandria

  • Wineries & Breweries

For the Adventurous Couple, a few options that we love...

  • Hikes to a Waterfall or Overlook

  • Bull Run

  • Great Falls

  • Family Farm

  • Shenandoah National Park (added travel fee)

For the City Slickers...

  • Georgetown - Canal & M St. 

  • DC's H St. - For our Hipsters

  • DC Monuments (AM Session)

  • Tidal Basin - Cherry Blossoms (AM Session)

  • National Art Museum

For the Sentimental...

  • Location of your first date

  • Location where you got engaged

  • Shared College or School

What do we wear?

One of the most frequent questions we get is what to wear for the connection session?  Typically this all depends on your style and where the connection session is being held. Here are a few tips before diving into your closet.


  • Dress for the occasion.

  • Avoid "loud" patterns, logos and graphics.

  • This is a great time to try out your hair and makeup trial.  

  • Typically our sessions are held outdoors so wearing something that accents this type of setting is key.  

  • Accessorize with a flower crown, bracelets or spunky earrings.  

  • Anything that can create motion, like a loose flowing dress, always makes for really cool shots.  

  • Check out our Pinterest Board for help with matching.


  • We recommend something casual that coordinates nicely.

  • Guys can accessorize too! Bring a cool hat, like a fedora or cowboy hat.  Leather suspenders are a nice touch.

  • Boots or semi dress shoes always complete the look. We like for you to stay away from flip flops or sneakers.

  • Rent a suit from Black Tux.

guide to planning an amazing engagement session

guide to an amazing engagement session

What Do We Bring? 

Bring your adventurous side.  We may hike a mountain, put you in front of a waterfall, walk through tall grasses, canoe on a lake or venture thru the city so come with an open mind and willingness for adventure.

Props.  If you have something uniquely tied to you both, BRING IT! For example, if your fiance plays the guitar and that is a reason you fell in love with him...BRING IT! Keep store bought props to a minimal. We want it to be your love story, not Target's.  If it is chilly out we recommend an earthy blanket like a Pendleton for a "cozy" look or something to compliment your outfits. 

Walking shoes. Ladies if you are wearing heels, bring some flats to walk from point A to point B. We will be walking!

Misc. Tips

Have a glass of wine or a pint of beer.  No seriously.  If you are the nervous about getting in front of the camera, there's nothing a beer or some white wine (no red - stains teeth) can't settle.  Please don't over do it, but this is a great way to take the edge off of being in front of the camera.  Just know that we are super laid back and your nerves will be gone within a matter of 60 seconds...seriously.

Please be on time.  We depend on the sun and it dictates how long we can get awesome photos.

Doggie Tips. If you want to bring your dog check out our blog on tips for bringing your pooches here.  Just be sure to let us know!

Offbeat Ideas. If you have something in your life that you want to incorporate let us know.  Like a classic car/truck, family heirloom or crazy off beat idea. We're all ears.

guide to an amazing engagement session

Pick a date and time

Engagement Sessions are shot at the golden hour for light, which is either right at sunrise or 1.5 hrs before sunset.  If you are planning for a DC location, we only shoot sunrise sessions at the monuments to avoid masses of tourists. Lastly, we only shoot engagement sessions on weekdays. The weekends are reserved for weddings. Thank you for understanding.

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