Clifton, Va., Engagement Photos | Clifton, Va., Photographer | Christina & Jimmy

Clifton, Virginia

The adorable small town of Clifton, Va., in Fairfax County, was the perfect spot for Christina and Jimmy's engagement shoot. With plenty of rustic, small-town charm, Clifton offers all the right touches. Just check out these white picket fences, old barns, vintage train, picturesque chapel and, of course, a gazebo. This is cute Americana at its finest. 

Christina & Jimmy

The chilly February weather couldn't dull this couple's shine. Christina and Jimmy cozied up for some heartwarming shots around town, near one of their favorite restaurants, Trattoria Villagio. Clifton is also where they'll be holding their wedding reception, in October. 

Engagement Photos

Man and woman walking down sidewalk
Man and woman on sidewalk beside picket fence
Couple holding hands on sidewalk
Happy couple walking down sidewalk
Couple posing in sunlight
Couple rubbing noses in sunlight
Couple kissing in sunlight
Couple almost kissing at park
Couple kissing by picket fence
Couple walking away from camera toward sunlight
Couple hugging up against fence
Couple posing in front of barn
Couple standing in front of old barn
Engagement ring hanging on tree limb
Couple posing in alleway
Engaged couple posing in alley
Hands with engagement ring around groom's neck
Engaged couple in front of chapel
Couple sitting on caboose
Black and white photo in caboose
Happy couple near gazebo
Couple dancing in front of gazebo
Groom twirling bride in front of gazebo
Engaged couple dancing in park
Engaged couple laughing in park
Couple posing inside gazebo
Couple kissing in gazebo
Laughing couple in gazebo
Smiling couple embracing in gazebo
Couple kissing in gazebo